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F. Paul Simoneaux

Gary J. Elkins

Pamela W. Hammond

Sherry S. Landry

Michael L. Mancuso

The firm’s experience in banking and financing transactions is significant, from traditional residential loan closings up to complex, multi-tiered financings exceeding $100,000,000 with multiple lenders and investors. We have extensive experience representing both foreign and domestic banks, commercial finance companies and other institutional lenders and privately held lenders, as well as a broad range of borrowers, from major corporations to individual borrowers. Members of the firm regularly handle the full range of financial transactions, including the following:

• Go Zone bonds
• Low income housing bonds
• Taxable bonds
• Construction loans and mortgages
• Permanent loans and mortgages, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages
• HUD 221(d)(4) loans
• Governmental agency loans, including HUD 108 loans
• Commercial loans, including those secured by mortgages and UCC collateral
• Consumer loans
• Residential mortgage loans
• New market tax credit leverage loans
• Workout and debt restructurings


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