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The attorneys of Elkins, P.L.C. have extensive experience in all types of commercial and financial transactions, involving both governmental and private financing and business ventures. The firm offers a full range of business representation services to its clients. The firm’s corporate clientele consists of publicly held companies, state and local governmental bodies, as well as locally owned closely held businesses. The firm’s representation of these clients includes corporate finance and securities work, corporate organizations and reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, major commercial financing transactions, banking, bankruptcy and general contract work The firm’s attorneys are experienced in the offering of securities, as well as in the areas of real estate partnership syndications, commercial development and venture capital, vessel and bond financings.

Tax planning related to all of these activities is an integral part of the firm’s practice. In addition, the firm’s attorneys are experienced in international tax transactions involving foreign ownership of real estate, investments in U.S. businesses and international commercial transactions.

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