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Litigation. The very word tightens the stomach of anyone faced with it, from an individual to the head of a publicly traded company. At Elkins, P.L.C., we understand the uncertainty and pressures that come from being a litigant. Our lawyers provide experienced advocacy and business-focused counsel to manage risks and resolve business and commercial disputes of any size. No matter what the forum (state or federal court, state or federal agency, or mediation or arbitration panel), or what role the client is in (plaintiff or defendant), our litigators work side-by-side with each client in setting goals, developing cost-effective plans to implement them and working effectively to achieve them. Time and time again, we have found that a measured, analytical approach to litigation that relies on motion practice to narrow or eliminate issues brings our clients better, more cost-efficient results than an approach that relies on the traditional “throw a lot of lawyers on the file and generate a lot of paper” mentality. Our lawyers pride themselves on their knowledge of the substantive and procedural law and their ability to dissect complex issues, “think outside the box” and present winning written and oral arguments on behalf of our clients. Our clients expect, deserve and receive more than the traditional approach to litigation.

Our litigation practice areas include:

• Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation and arbitration)
• Appeals
• Bankruptcy Litigation
• Commercial and Business Litigation
• General Civil Litigation
• Intellectual Property Litigation
• Life, Health, Disability and ERISA Litigation
• Probate Litigation
• Real Estate Litigation
• Tax Litigation
• Securities and Corporate Litigation

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