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Quick Facts

• High-profile clientele in media and telecommunications cases, with work ranging from acquisition, financing and operation to litigation
• Provides for the protection of intellectual property, and counsels clients on how to protect trade services when trademark and copyright protection is unavailable

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Susan J. Burkenstock

Publicly disseminated print and broadcast media, as well as local law needs of the national telecommunications industry, constitute an important segment of the practice of law at Elkins, P.L.C. Hand-in-glove with the needs of our media and telecommunications clients is our intellectual property practice and expertise.

Media and Telecommunications
Elkins, P.L.C. has acted as counsel with respect to the acquisition, financing and operation of a diverse media clientele, including New Orleans CityBusiness, Louisiana Life Magazine, Louisiana Weekly, McMedia, L.L.C., New Orleans Magazine, WFNO 830 Radio, WGSO 990 Radio, and MovieMedia, to name but a few. Our representation responsibilities have included handling the general organizational structure, business law and financing transactions of the ownership entities, as well as advising and handling related litigation on matters of editorial content in the areas of copyright, libel and trademark. The firm has particular expertise in the area of publication qualifications and requirements of official journal publications, having successfully represented the defendant in Times-Picayune Publishing Corp. v. New Orleans Publishing Group, Inc., 814 So. 2d 34 (La. App. 4th Cir. 2002), writs denied 819 So. 2d 335 (La. 2002), a case interpreting the Louisiana statutes establishing the qualifications required to publish judicial advertisements, as well as whether such qualifications were susceptible to transfer or acquisition by contract.

The firm also provides local law representation in the negotiation and documentation of transactions in the national telecommunications industry, including the leasing of tower facilities for a national wireless communications company.


Intellectual Property
The age of defining the value of business by its tangible assets has long since passed. In today’s economy, the worth of a firm may be based more on the intellectual property assets it has created than on the number of widgets it has sold or has stored in its warehouse. Elkins, P.L.C. has helped to create, maintain, and enforce the intellectual property rights of its clients, on a state-wide, national, and international basis. Our firm has provided assistance to clients in the selection and use of trademarks, has handled registration procedures before state trademark offices and in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has assisted clients with the registration and maintenance of foreign trademarks. Where trademark and copyright protection is unavailable, Elkins, P.L.C. has advised clients on methods to protect trade secrets, know-how, and other proprietary information ranging from customer lists to manufacturing processes. We also provided advice on issues concerning misappropriation, unfair competition, covenants not to compete, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements.

From clothing (“Planet Golf”) to development (“Historic Restoration, Incorporated); from what you will read (“New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles”), to what you will listen to (“Money Radio”). From where you may dine (“Palace Café), (“Bourbon House”), to what you may order from the menu (“Topless Oysters”), Elkins, P.L.C. can assist you in making these intellectual property assets your own.

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