Commercial Litigation

Elkins, PLC provides advocacy and business-focused counsel to manage risks and resolve business and commercial disputes of any size. No matter the forum (state or federal court, state or federal agency, or mediation or arbitration panel), we work side-by-side with each client to set goals, develop cost-effective plans to implement them and work effectively to achieve those goals. We find that a measured, analytical business based approach to litigation that relies on motion practice to narrow or eliminate issues brings our clients better, more cost-efficient results. Our Team litigates in many diverse areas including Construction, Bankruptcy, Commercial and Business, General Civil, Intellectual Property, Life, Health, Disability and ERISA, Probate, Real Estate Litigation, Tax, both State and Federal; and Securities and Corporate.

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Elkins, PLC provides its clients sound and economically reasoned advice in all aspects of the bankruptcy, from filing the initial petitions through assisting companies and individuals emerging from bankruptcy. Our Team represents creditors, debtors and other persons interested in the outcome of both large and small commercial bankruptcy matters. We also represent our clients in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court applying both federal bankruptcy law and state substantive law.

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