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• Experience in handling SBIC transactions
• Experience in liquidation, taking public companies private and in SEC compliance

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Gary J. Elkins

Pamela W. Hammond

Members of the firm have represented lenders and investors in varied securities and corporate finance and venture capital transactions. At one time, members of the firm represented all Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC’s) licensed in Louisiana by the Small Business Administration, handling financings which included straight debt, convertible debt and straight equity investments in small businesses and start-up companies, both in Louisiana and nationwide.

Elkins, P.L.C. represents publicly held companies, with legal representation responsibilities including SEC compliance and reporting requirements. Additionally, members of the firm handled the securities work associated with eventually taking a public company private. Members of the firm have also represented two investment companies in the ultimate liquidation of their portfolio investments. More recently, the firm has handled compliance issues involving the Enforcement Division of the SEC achieving a very favorable result for its clients.

Mergers and acquisitions, common and preferred stock issues, corporate redemptions, buy-sell agreements, purchase options and registration rights agreements are matters regularly addressed in the firm’s securities and corporate finance practice.


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